Eye Surgery

Imagine the convenience of never having to wear glasses or contacts again. A lifetime of better vision is now within your reach through lasik, lasek or lens implantation surgeries. Our doctors and surgeons use the best lasers available, the WaveLight ALLEGRETTO WAVE Eye-Q Excimer Laser and the Intralase FS60.

Plastic Surgery

Give yourself the body and look you deserve! Has nursing or pregnancy left signs on your body? Are you frustrated with not being able to accomplish your ideal body structure in spite of dieting and exercising? Do you have persistent areas of body fat which you just can't get rid off?

Dental Treatment

The smile is usually the first noticeable feature on a person, and many people strive to achieve a dazzling smile with perfect teeth. All phases of dentistry come together as we produce a brilliant smile which boosts your confidence as you communicate with the people in your life.

Hair Implantation

If you want to gain back your own natural growing hair with a cosmetically acceptable enhancement in your hair density, the most effective way is most likely hair transplant surgery. While products for instance topical minoxidil and hair loss pills can slow down the progress of hair loss and even generate small to moderate regrowth in some cases, hair transplant is probably the only option that can give a cosmetically noticeable enhancement for most people.